Pinara Rock Tombs Pinara Rock TombsPinara is about 40km away from Kalkan and is a popular historic site to visit. It's religious history is devoted to Apollo, Athena and Aphrodite. The beautiful site of Pinara was one of the three major cities in the Xanthos valley and one of the six major cities of Lycia. The first dwelling at Pinara is believed to be as early as 5BC.

Pinara is often missed as it lays off the beaten track and is not that easy to get to, however once found it is well worth the trouble.  The site is surrounded by natural beauty and has amazing views to the east across the Xanthos valley.

The rounded cone shaped mountain of Pinara raises up more than two thousand feet and is dotted with hundreds of burial tombs in its eastern face. The city is sited at the base of the two thousand foot high mountain which broadens out in three directions. Entrance to the site is via an unmade road and after passing the guard booth you can walk up around the base of the lower acropolis. The theatre is a good place to rest and enjoy the views. There are no cafes or shops here, so it's necessary to take a picnic.


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